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Ordonez, a 27 year old father of two young girls, was and happy, his brother, Roy Ordonez, told CNN. Never knew when he was sad. Ordonez liked to fish and to play basketball and video games, his brother said. Lady here. So agree!! I would never ever circumsize my kid. Ever.

Most of the time people are oblivious but well intentioned. Meaning if you just explain to everyone the order of operations they’ll be much more respectful of the process and appreciate the balance you’re trying to create. The speech takes 15 20 seconds to deliver, the amateurs take an extra minute getting their shots, and everyone is happy..

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But aside from that, they taking the right approach. Like for example, they not overpaying the hell out of Chandler Parsons just because he a fan favorite.”Speaking of defense, do you just cringe when you watch James Harden?See, I don’t cringe, because I remember him in OKC. In fairness to James, yes, (his defense) has been terrible, but what are the principles in Houston? I’m very disappointed in their team concept.

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