When subs are included, the 2007 Dallas Cowboys hold the

April Fools Day is all about making jokes, so it seems like a fitting time for Archer Season 7 to drop. The adult animated spy sitcom follows Archer and all of the other characters who have been fired from the CIA and black listed from espionage following the failure of a previous mission. This show promises to deliver the lols..

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The NFL on Tuesday night revealed the rosters and the starters for the January 26 how to find cheap jerseys all star game in Orlando, Florida, with the Ravens tying the 1973 Miami Dolphins for most Pro Bowl players in the initial selection. When subs are included, the 2007 Dallas Cowboys hold the record with 13 Pro Bowl players. The AFC quarterbacks are Jackson, the Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes and the Houston Texans’ Deshaun Watson..

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Setting shit on fire as the default way to dispose of it is a time honored tradition that just doesn’t fly in the city. My grandfather didn’t have trash service his entire life, just threw it in the burn pile. My mother ended the tradition when one day a gust of wind blew a bunch of trash from the burner barrel into the garden and set some of her vegetables on fire..

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